When designing our products, we think of everything! We don’t want our packaging to end up in a bin right after you open it, there’s enough stuff in need of recycling out there. Instead, we urge you to upcycle your cardboard tube! No ideas? Don’t worry, here’s a few brilliant ways to do it. 

Store your makeup accessories 

Quite obvious but ingenious. Use the cardboard tube to store your makeup accessories. You can either use it to store your NÜNU brush or multiple smaller brushes and accessories that normally lay around your bathroom. 

Organise your desk supplies

Keep your desk neatly organised with a DIY office supplies organiser. You can use multiple tubes and cut them to different lengths so they don’t block the back. Secure the tubes in a square or rectangle box. Decorate however you like and voilà! 

Store your cables and cords

A cardboard tube can keep your cords from becoming a complete and utter tangled mess. Remove the bottom and label the tube so it’s easy to identify the cable!

Make a bird feeder

Invite some birds to hang out in your backyard. Remove the lid and the bottom of your tube, cover the outside with peanut butter (just enough for the seeds to stick), roll it in different seeds of your choice (that you think the birds would enjoy) and hang it on the branch outside your home. Now observe what comes along!

Keep your wrapping paper from unrolling

Remove the bottom of your tube and place the wrapping paper roll inside. It will keep it from unrolling and taking up more space than necessary. 

What are some of your ways to upcycle a cardboard tube? We’d love to hear about it! Leave your ideas in the comments below and inspire others to try it out.