Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for NÜNU BEAUTY services

NÜNU BEAUTY services are provided by Brynczak Business Solutions (Business ID PL1181551915, “Service Provider” or “NÜNU BEAUTY”).

NÜNU BEAUTY is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the users of its services, and complies with data protection and other laws as well as generally accepted principles governing data protection. This privacy policy explains how NÜNU BEAUTY collects and uses personal information. “Personal information” means information that can be used to identify a person. The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how the data collected by (“Service”) is used and for what purposes.

If you do not accept these terms, please do not use NÜNU BEAUTY services.

  1. NÜNU BEAUTY services in a nutshell

By using the Service, you can easily purchase beauty products from the Service Provider.

In order to provide the Service we collect data about the products that have been bought via the Service, their buyers, and payment transactions.

We monitor the use of the Service via e.g. Google Analytics. We use cookies to be able to provide you targeted content on third-party services as well (e.g. Facebook). As we save data on Google infrastructure, it’s possible that there may be backups of the data on servers outside the EU.

By providing us data you may provide us with information which may constitute a personal data file. You can find detailed information about this personal data file and how we collect, store and process the personal data in this document.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of the Service, and we do not supply their information to third parties except to the extent that is needed for managing payment transactions.

  1. Data controller

The data controller is:

Brynczak Business Solutions (Business ID PL1181551915)

Ul. Klimczaka 5/19

02-797 Warsaw


You can contact the data controller via mail, by sending an email to

  1. The purpose and reason for using personal information

Data provided by the users of the Service is an essential part of the Service. The purpose of the Service is to sell beauty products. As a part of this process the Service Provider collects personal, contact, and payment information of the users in order to sell products.

The Service Provider collects and uses personal information to be able to identify customers, enable the Service, offer customer and marketing communication, and organize payment transfers.

The Service Provider may also use the information to send notifications and newsletters via email.

The Service Provider makes use of the personal information

  1. based on customer consent, and
  2. to ensure safe commercial transactions between the customer and the Service Provider (legitimate interests).

The Service Provider cannot offer the Service if the customer does not provide the information to the Service Provider.

The Service Provider does not use technical profiling or automatic decision-making in the Service.

  1. Information and source of information saved in the register

The Service Provider saves following information about the buyers:

  1. Information about the products bought, e.g.:
  • Type
  • Model
  • Variation
  1. Customer information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Payment information
  • Information about the products the user is interested in and wants additional information about (product watch)

Users of the Service provide this information to the Service Provider via the online service.

The Service Provider receives a part of the payment information from third party payment transaction and credit services. You can find details about the information they collect and how they use it at:

PayPal Europe

The Service Provider stores the information also after the transaction has taken place.

The information saved by the Service Provider are not particularly sensitive. The Service Provider will notify the registered users without delay if third parties have gained access to the information.

  1. Disclosure of information

The data controller and the people authorized by the data controller may use the data in the register to offer the Service. The data controller may provide recognizable information to third parties that act as courier, payment transaction service, or as collection agencies for debt collection. The data controller may disclose data to the police, judicial or distraint officers, if they have a legal right to receive it.

  1. The right to review data; deleting data

The Service Provider does not validate or review the data the customer has provided. The customer has a right by personal data act 26 § to review their information, and by EU General Data Protection Regulation a right to ask for a correction or removal of false information, restrict use of that information, or resist its use by making a request to

If a registered person wants to review their data they need to provide proper identification.

The customer has a right to make a complaint about the illegal use of their information to a supervising authority. In Poland that authority is data protection ombudsman (GIODO

  1. Principles of register protection

The data in the register is located on a web service that is strongly encrypted with technical protection methods. The data saved in the register can only be accessed by the employees of the Service Provider.

  1. Cookies

To monitor and enable the use of the Service, the Service may place cookies on the user’s web browser. Cookies are used to collect the information explained in this policy to the uses explained in this policy. In addition, the Service Provider uses data gathered by cookies to monitor the number of users and downloads of the Service, and to determine the users’ browser types by the Service Provider and/or its partners (Google Analytics).

Detailed information about cookies can be found on The EU Internet Handbook.

  1. Cookies used by the Service

We use session cookies which only exist until you close your browser. We also use persistent cookies that exist a longer, predetermined time. Cookies used on our website can be categorized to essential, performance measuring, and functional cookies.


Some of the cookies are essential to enable the use and technical functioning of the website. These cookies don’t collect user information that could be used for marketing purposes, or to remember the web pages the user has visited.

Performance measuring

Our performance measuring cookies collect information about how the users use our website (e.g. most visited pages and possible error messages). These cookies do not collect data that can be linked to a certain user, but they are anonymous, and they are used only to improve the performance of the website.

Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. The data collected by these cookies are transferred and stored on Google’s services in USA in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. More information about Google’s privacy policy and the use of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics privacy overview

Opt out of Google Analytics tracking


With these cookies our website remembers the selections the user has made (e.g. user name, language, or location), and offer better and more individual features.

Third-party cookies

Our website contains buttons which make it easier to share content to several different network communication environments. When you select one of these buttons, the cookie can be set from the website you have selected (e.g., Twitter or Facebook). These cookies are not in our control. More information about third-party cookies can be found from the third-party website in question.

  1. How to manage or delete cookies

Most browsers accept cookies but you can change the browser’s settings, and thus prevent new cookies from being placed, delete existing cookies, or ask for a notification before placing new cookies.

If you want your browser to prevent the use of cookies, change the settings according to the instructions given by the manufacturer of your browser (usually in Help, Tools, or Preferences menu). You can find more detailed information at

If you prevent the use of cookies, some of the functionalities of our website may not work. Preventing the use of cookies or certain cookie types does not delete existing cookies but you have to do it yourself from your browser.

  1. Changes

We notify about changes in this privacy policy or the person register description here. We may also emphasise changes in the Service.